The Holy Grayl of Water Filters

This is a review of the Grayl water filtration system. I’m going to attempt to cover the pros and cons of this water filter.


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The Grayl is not your typical water filtrating system. Most systems require the user to suck through a straw, use a pump, or let gravity do the work. Not the Grayl.  This is basically a water bottle that you fill and then push the filter on. It takes about 15 seconds. You are left with a bottle of clean filtered water that you can just pour back and enjoy. No need to fight for that water. No need to hook up different hoses and  set up a pump. No need to wait for gravity to do the work. With the Gryal you can even use it to fill everyone else’s water bottles or just enough for yourself. If the water is used for cooking or a quick drink, you get clean clear water each time. The filtration system claims it can be used across the world, even in third world countries that have poor water. Luckily the Ozarks still offers pretty good water sources when hiking and camping. With the Grayl you will filter out the remaining bacteria and particles needed to have a safe drinking experience. Now you can be worry free when you find that ice cold spring in the backcountry or taking water straight from the muddy river you are floating. Here are some of the pros and cons I have noticed with the Grayl Bottle. 


  • Lightweight – We are talking 10.9oz before adding your water. 
  • Removes pathogens – Removes 99.9999% of viruses, disease-causing bacteria and protozoan cysts.
  • All in one – Just grab your bottle and go! No more forgetting hoses and carry extra weight for bottles and other filtration systems.
  • Easy cleaning – Just rinse and let dry after each trip.
  • Fast filtering – 15 sec for each bottle to get fresh clean water.
  • Fastener ready – Able to clip to kayak or backpack by adding rope or carabiner. Fasten it to your Kayak for easy access when floating or to the back of your backpack,
  • Free Shipping – Grayl offers free shipping on all products order from there website. 


  • Low filter life span – Only 400 uses per filter. I personally feel like you should be able to get more, but really 400 uses is still a lot. I only need to replace my filter once a year.
  • Higher Price – With a higher price tag of 59.50. You just have to remind yourself that it’s  a fast, light, all in one filtration system. The basic filters just can’t compete with it.


Overall, this is an amazing water filter / bottle and well worth the price. I haven’t touched my Lifestraw or my Katadyn hiker pro since buying my Grayl bottle. Even with only 400 uses per filter I haven’t even come close to using that many in a year. I recommend buying a new replacement filter every year if you are like me and try to spend every second in the outdoors. I always recommend you filter your water no matter how clean it looks, as water can still carry bacteria and particles with viruses. I always play it safe with my drinking water.