Kenneth Bogle

Avid kayaker and backpacker Kenneth Bogle loves to explore the ozark outdoors. He spends all his free time doing so by kayaking, hiking and camping. In 2014, Kenneth founded as an outreach to other kayakers in his community. After a few years of running Kenneth expanded into forming the hiking group Now Kenneth is ready to take things a little further by starting Joplin Outdoor Adventures. Joplin Outdoor Adventures is a hub for sites and facebook groups to help educate and find new ways for the community to spend more time outdoors.

We will be exploring the old amusement park Dogpatch USA. We will meet at 10 a.m. at the Hub in Marble Springs Arkansas. We will then explore the remains of the park. Each individual will be responsible for themselves and their own lunch and gear.  There is a $6 feeRead More →