The Art of Paddling Upstream

Most people rarely plan trips to float upstream. However, this use to be a very common practice before roads and boats with motors. At one time fur trappers and hunters would travel both up and down rivers on a regular basis. To do this they would portage, pull, or even paddle upstream.  

Running a local kayaking group like Joplin Kayak and Canoe has exposed me to some neat people and lost arts. One person I want to introduce you to is Randy Ridings.  Ridings is a local man who has built his very own Amphibious Quadyak (Kayak / Bike hybrid). He is also known in our group as the guy who likes to kayak upstream! He has perfected the art and knows how to read the water backwards to be able to kayak 99% of the way without the need to portage.

Below I have shared a few of his videos. Take time to watch and subscribe to his channel. Lost of good info in each of his videos.

Lesson One 

Lesson Two

Lesson Three

Lesson Four

Lesson Five

Follow Randy Ridings on Youtube and his Facebook Amphibious Quadyak Page.