Hiking 4 The Soul Spotlight

Today I would like to introduce you to Curtis Marr of Jefferson City, Missouri. Curtis is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet.  He’s the founder of Hiking 4 The Soul , a multi platform blog about his hiking and camping adventures. I have been following Hiking 4 The Soul on facebook for sometime now and I have enjoyed many of his posts and videos he has shared. From his posts, I have learned about a few places I have never been to or even knew existed. 

It’s people like Curtis that inspire me to get outside and enjoy what’s left of our wilderness. They also encourage me to educate the masses on protecting what I enjoy so much. I never look at another blogger as competition. We all are really on the same side and want what’s best for the remaining wilderness. 

I plan on trying to meet up with Curtis Marr soon this year and hopefully be able to bring you some new content for Joplin Outdoors and Hiking 4 The Soul!



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hiking4thesoul/