Rock Rappelling with Aaron Cooper of SWMO Outdoors [VIDEO]


I first met Aaron while attending one of his ‘Introductory to Rock Rappelling’ classes in Joplin. I was thrilled when he agreed to do an interview for Joplin Outdoors. Aaron agreed to meet up with me at Nature’s Crack in Joplin for an afternoon of fun and questions. This was the first time to interview someone while hanging 45 ft above the ground. I did however feel safe with previously attending one of Mr. Coopers classes. It truly was a delight to do this interview and I’m looking forward to attending another class soon.

Aaron Cooper who is from the Joplin, MO area was first exposed to rappelling though the boy scouts at the age of 13. Aaron said he fell in love with the thrill of descending from crazy heights that most would shy away from. Aaron later in life turned his love of heights into a career of climbing towers. With some towers that have a height of over 700 ft, Aaron performs repairs and maintenance of telecommunications equipment.

Aaron is the founder and lead instructor of SWMO Outdoor Adventures. His goal is to expand the sport in the southwest Missouri area. Aaron has a passion to teach others about the safety and techniques of rappelling. Once a month he leads a full day class in Joplin, MO. His class consists of no more than 15 students with 4 instructors to assist him. The class is broken into two parts with the first covering safety and equipment and the second, actually rappelling with the assistance of the instructors. Classes are $50.00 per person with a discount for couples making the class only $80.00 for the pair. Classes always fill up fast and must be reserved in advance. You will need leather gloves and a sacked lunch. All other equipment is provided unless you have your own helmet and harness. Once you attend the ‘Introductory to Rock Rappelling’ class you are always welcome to attend the same class again at the rate of only $25.00.

To learn more about rock rappelling and to attend one of the classes, visit SWMO Outdoor Adventures on Facebook or by phone at  417-483-4651.