Prairie State Park [Video]


Great visit to Prairie State Park with my friend Seth Mitchell. At first we attempted to do an interview but with the strong winds the audio ended up choppy. Not wanting to waste great footage I decided to add music and go with it.

Seth Mitchell lives in the Joplin area and enjoys most all outdoor activities. He loves hiking, kayaking, climbing, biking, rappelling and anything new that involves the outdoors. Seth is very adventurous when it comes to life. Recently joining the military Seth looks forward to traveling the world meeting new people and exploring new places.

Prairie State Park is located just about 45 min north of Joplin, MO. The park hosts a number of wild animals including Bison, Elk, Deer, Coyotes and many other local species. During our hike we did see plenty of bison but being so far away the camera was really unable to depict them very well. At the visitor center they share photos that show the bison around the trails and even in the parking lots. Chances are high that you will see bison if you attend the park.