Unifun 10400mAh Waterproof External Battery

I have been looking for a charger to take with me on my kayak and hiking trips for awhile. I wanted something that would clip to my backpack or on to the top of the kayak. I wanted to be able to save room this way.  The flash light on this battery bank is what caught my eye, not to mention it also includes an LED charge indicator. This is the first battery bank I’ve purchased that was waterproof, so why not do a quick review on it.

First Impressions

This bank looks very strong with three USB ports and includes a rubber cover that snaps over them for protection. I love the design and it’s built solid to last. I ordered off of Amazon  because of the good reviews. The bank claims to be shock, dust, and waterproof.  I thought this would be a perfect fit with all of my outdoor adventures.

Dust Test

I first tested this device in order to see how it would hold up to dust. I used a large bowl filled with baking soda. The reason I chose the baking soda is because it has very fine particles that could work it’s way into the device. I covered the device and rubbed the baking soda all over it. I really tried to force the baking soda into the device. It held up great. Also,  the USB ports showed no damage behind the cover.

Drop Test

The drop test was done from three levels. First I started by dropping the device 3 feet from the tile floor. It was fine with no damage. Then I tried a drop from 6 feet.  Once again, everything worked and no damage. Then, when dropped from 9 feet, I experienced a little damage to the seal around the flash light, but was able to push the rubber protector back in place. I feel this device passes the drop test with flying colors.

Water Test

In order to conduct the water test I used a large bowl of water and placed the device in the water with the flashlight on. It seemed to hold up fine. There was no flickering of the light and when I pulled the device out of the water, the plugs still worked fine. It passed the water test for shallow waters and rain. Perfect for kayaking and camping.

Battery Test

I tested the battery with my Galaxy Note 8 smart phone. I drained the phone battery completely dead and then charged the phone while it was turned off. I was only able to charge my phone with the battery two and half times before it’s own power was depleted. This is a huge disappointment. The device was advertised as being 10400mAh.  In reality I believe …  pushing it here…  it’s only an 8000mAh battery.  In my opinion, the battery failed in this test. 


This is a strong flash light and worked really good. It was bright and works great under the water. It would be perfect to use while camping, especially when finding a spot to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.


If you are looking for a cheap battery bank that will hold up to the elements, then this is for you. Just beware, I feel that you won’t get the advertised battery capacity. If 8000mAh is all you need, then this would be perfect for you.

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