Overnight Hammock Camping July 20th, 2019

I love everything outdoors. So when it was suggested I start an overnight hammock trip I agreed immediately. The trip was originally planned for a good friend of mine Jessica. She was looking for a camping trip that would fit her work schedule. Even with the trip planned for her. She was unable to attend due to other reasons.

The trip was decided to be open up for outside campers who also never wilderness camped in hammocks. Creating only six spots for the trip. The spots filled up super fast!  After one hour of posting all spots were taken. 

The day of the trip it was a hot day with a heat advisory. Knowing that the air temperature is always cooler in the shade near creeks. We all went ahead and met up at 3 pm.

The hike was simple with only 1 mile to one of my semi-secret camping spots. This spot has sandy beaches all in the shade with great swimming just yards from the hammock trees.

Once at our spot we spent the next hour swimming and snorkeling in the cool waters. One of the campers found a broken fishing rod and reel with a bungee cord. Rest of us spent the time soaking and visiting until our fingers wrinkled like raisins.

We then set up hammocks in a nice slight breeze that was super relaxing. We all visited about rules when wilderness camping. With firewood just within feet of our hammocks, we had a small fire going. Everyone gathered around and fixed dinner for the night. 

I personally packed a dehydrated chicken fettuccine alfredo. It was amazingly good! And with the air temps starting to cool it was very nice having a warm meal. Most everyone else also packed dehydrated meals. With the exception of one camper who brought hot dogs. 

After dinner, we all gathered water to clean dishes. We covered how to clean dishes without using any soaps.  This seemed to be a new concept for everyone. We all used sand and water to clean the dishes and then boiled water to disinfect the dishes. 

Next, we all hanged a group bear bag. The bag was hanged 30 yards and 20 feet off a tree branch from camp. 

Once darkness starting to settle in we all told stories about ghost and aliens as we slowing started to doze off. I spent some of the night watching the stars between the trees as my eyes closed.

The next morning I woke up early and walked to the water to once again take in all the sounds and the cool morning air. I retrieved the bear bag without waking others. Then returning to my hammock to allow others to sleep in. 

Once everyone else was awake. We sat around the dead fire ring and fixed breakfast on our small gas stoves. I ate oatmeal with fruit. Others had eggs and biscuits and gravy. Again we cleaned the dishes and slowly started to pack up.

The hike out we spent a little more time looking at mushrooms and trees. We also spent some time exploring an old pond just off the trail. We made it back to the cars no later than 10:00 AM.

This was definitely a great trip with new friends. In my opinion, it’s never too hot to camp. You just have to know where and how to camp. Everyone in the group said they would do it again. Perhaps in the near future ill plan another trip.