Glory Hole Falls Hike


The Glory Hole falls is a waterfall that has carved a perfect hole in a bluff. The water falls straight through this hole. I honestly learned the hard way that you don’t really want to Google the term “Glory Hole” as it has many meanings. Still this is a beautiful waterfall and very easy to find. 

Both Bruce and I decided to hit this trail because we knew the area had received plenty of rain the day before. Location wise we also knew we could hit another trail on our way back home.


The trail and parking are not marked but Tim Ernest Book does a very good job helping you find it. GPS coordinates from Google also pinned the right spot for parking. I however refused to try Alltrails as I have now had a few times it has taken me way off track. Matter of fact you won’t want to try parking this unless you have high clearance on your vehicle. As road drops off a good amount. Best with a large truck. 

Once you park your vehicle you will want to take the old dirt road next to the parking area. Follow this road until it splits. Take the right side and keep following it until it loops back around to starts a steep incline down. 

At the bottom of the incline you will have your first creek crossing. Here to your left is a cool smaller waterfall with no name. Its really is a cool place to stop and relax. 


After checking out the falls you have two choices. You can get back on the main trail or follow a path along this creek. Both will take you to the Glory Hole. But following the creek will take you along many cool smaller waterfalls. We chossed to follow the creek. 

This path takes you back and forth across the creek. So be prepared to get wet if the water has a good flow. Also beaware of many ledges and very uneven ground.

This path will take you to the top of the Glory Hole. Which really is kinda cool by itself. Just be very careful as many people have fallen here which could lead to broken bones and death. This area is very slick ahold please becareful!


To your right you will find a path that leads you across another creek and down to the base of the falls. Both Bruce and I were lucky we had the spot some what to our selves. This allows for some great photos and exploring. 

Its really a beautiful sight. Which also brings me to my biggest issue! As we were packing up getting ready to leave a man aproched us and started to visit with us. He suggested we make hand prints on the bluff like so many others have done. People basically stick there hands in the mud and place it on the bluff staining the walls. Many people also write names and carve images in stone and on the nerby trees. 


After visiting with the man and explaining why I wouldn’t do it. He seemed shocked and thought it was normal for everyone to do it. I just hope our friendly conversation might later help change his mind.

Now back to this area. Just down stream you will find bolders larger then most homes. These where actually very fun to explore and climb. The whole area really deserves a full day of exploring.

After awhile of exploring the area started to get crowded with tons of people showing up. This was the sign we needed to leave. 

The trail up is a little harder then the trek in. Just take it slow and you will make it out. Follow the road back out to the parking lot. 


Overall I had a great time even if I was disappointed with the hand prints and carvings. The hike was worth it and hopefully i help change a persons mind. Just remember to leave the area cleaner then you found it. Be ready to educate others if you see them doing something that’s destructive to the area. Just be sure to do it in a nice helpful way.

This waterfall can be found in the book “Arkansas Waterfalls Guidebook” by Tim Ernst on Amazon.