Caveman Outdoors Spotlight

Caveman Outdoors

I first came across the channel Caveman Outdoors on Youtube a few years back. I had been doing alot of the same activities and had been to many of the same locations. I’ve always loved watching others hiking/kayaking videos. Watching all these different videos inspired me to start sharing my trips. What started as a simple video of my first local hike, has turned into a massive facebook following on a few groups under Joplin Outdoor Adventures. I have met many people who have shared the same interest. It’s been nothing but enjoyment exploring and creating new content. I actually love to encourage others to do the same. Where some people see competition, I see a network of friends and teachers. If it wasn’t for people like Bud Anderson (Caveman Outdoors)  I would never have been encouraged to start this site (Joplin Outdoors) and go on so many adventures. 

So take the time and meet the man that we all call Caveman Outdoors!



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