The proper way to poop in the woods [ Video ]

This is a very uncomfortable subject for many. However, it happens and needs to be done right for many reasons. The first reason is no one wants to see your poop or even step in it. Second it can end up in the water and cause high levels of e-coli. Which can also spread diseases that can make people sick!

Few basic rules are

  • Dig a hole 6“ to 8″ deep and 4″ wide
  • 200 feet away from water ways and trails
  • Cover with soil and natural materials
  • Pack TP out with plastic bag

In some cases you will need to pack out your own poo depending on the location you are exploring. You can find biodegradable bag systems that are apporved for landfills.

Whichever way you choose, please be respectful of others who hike and camp in the area. No one wants to stumble on your nasty!