Compton Double Falls Hike

I was recently invited on a hike, so of course I jumped on the offer to hike to a waterfall. This was my first time hiking to this area.  I was extremely excited.  Like many of my adventures, this hike had no marked trail and no parking lot or trailhead.  You basically park along a dirt road and head into the woods. You will find many paths, though some are game trails, so if you venture out be careful which path you choose. After parking, you will head down to Whitaker Creek and follow it down. I would stay on creek left when following it down. It offers the best paths around waterfalls. 


The first waterfall is Amber falls. This is an 18 foot waterfall that offers some great views from top and bottom. Getting to the bottom is a little more work. You’ll find a small trail on creek left. Follow it around and go down about 50 yards. You’ll find a steep muddy path down. Always be careful and take your time. I’ll even admit I fell right here and hit hard on a rock. Watch your footing and take your time.  Once to the bottom, follow the creek back up to Amber Falls. 


From here, you will want to follow the creek down towards Compton Falls. This is a long hike with no trail and lots of boulder hopping.  During our hike we had a member fall a few times on these slick rocks and ended up partially in the water, which on a cool winter day is never fun. This section is about 3/4 of a mile but seems longer as you spend a lot of time crossing the creek back and forth. Something else when hiking this creek is to look for fossils in the boulders. I have seen a lot of cool fossilized plant life. On your way, you will cross some cool water features and smaller waterfalls just off the creek. 


 Caution: Be extremely careful when you reach the top of Compton falls. I can’t see how a person would survive a fall from the top. It’s about 40 feet to the bottom, and really not a good place to take pictures. In order to make it down, the best and only way I know is to take creek left and follow a small path downstream for 100 yards. This path is not level and is very slick. You will eventually find what looks like a mudslide down or at least that how it looks when it’s wet. 

Once you make it down, look across the creek and you’ll see another creek running in.  Just up from that creek is Owl Falls, and since you made it this far,  it’s worth looking at. There is no path to it, so climb over boulders and hop your way over.  Be careful as these rocks are slick.  Head back to Whitaker Creek and head upstream.

You’ll find yourself at the base of Compton Double Falls!

To make your way out, head back to the mudslide and climb your way out! Follow the path back to the top of Compton Double Falls. Follow the creek upstream to eventually make your way back to your vehicle. The hike out is always harder than going in, however, I seem to enjoy it just as much. It’s always nice seeing creeks from different perspectives.