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Avid kayaker and backpacker Kenneth Bogle loves to explore the ozark outdoors. He spends all his free time doing so by kayaking, hiking and camping. In 2014, Kenneth founded as an outreach to other kayakers in his community. After a few years of running Kenneth expanded into forming the hiking group Now Kenneth is ready to take things a little further by starting Joplin Outdoor Adventures. Joplin Outdoor Adventures is a hub for sites and facebook groups to help educate and find new ways for the community to spend more time outdoors.

I was able to take a hike with Jessica Ragan and her furbaby Tum Tum last Monday. It was wonderful meeting Jessica and getting to know her a little more. Jessica is a great fun person to be around and can’t wait to hike with her again.Read More →

Joplin Kayak Stream Team and Joplin Outdoors along with MDC are excited to offer our first ADA Fishing Day at Walter Woods. This event is free and is for any person with physical disabilities who would love the opportunity to fish.  We will meet at Walter Woods on May 25th,Read More →

I’m hosting my first ever waterfalls hike. This is a full day trip with us hiking just three miles round trip. On this hike, we will try to visit 4 beautiful waterfalls. Some bushwhacking will be required during this hike. This is not an easy trail and might require creekRead More →

I love chasing waterfalls. There’s something exciting about finding them for the first time. Well the first time for me, anyway. Granted many others have explored these lands long before I have. Still a great experience. Most of the time there’s a lot of bushwhacking involved in getting to theseRead More →