One of the hidden treasures of the Ozarks, the Buffalo National River, offers sights and experience you just can’t find anywhere else. The river offers something for everyone; hiking, floating, camping, horseback riding, and even mountain biking now along a designated trail. Hiking: First, let’s cover the hiking aspect ofRead More →

I love graphic design so I have started a series of maps for our local creeks near Joplin, MO. You’ll be able to print each map out allowing you to draw and mark on them. This comes in handy when planning trips and figuring the distance between two locations. LaminateRead More →

Planning a float can be lots of work and with my experience, I always seem to forget something. Below, I have created four different lists for trips that I often take throughout the year. Check them over and use them to help plan your next float. If you see anythingRead More →

Meeting Aug. 13th, 2017 at the Ball Fields in Noel. Show up around 10:30 to help self shuttle to Cowskin. You can find both locations on the map below. Don’t forget to use the map below to get driving directions. Click Here to learn how. Water Gauge Note: Never float onRead More →

When creating, I wanted to make it easy for floaters to get on the river and find new spots to kayak. This is why I embedded the advanced map system with access points and other interesting points on each river. Yes, you can search the internet and find mapsRead More →

The History of Lakeside: Lakeside park was first envisioned by Alfred Harrison, the president of Southwest Missouri Electric Railway. The Trolley owners of the time were attempting to find new income by providing Free Amusement  Parks for anyone riding the Trolley system. With the Southwest Missouri Electric Railway already having accessRead More →