Caveman Outdoors I first came across the channel Caveman Outdoors on Youtube a few years back. I had been doing alot of the same activities and had been to many of the same locations. I’ve always loved watching others hiking/kayaking videos. Watching all these different videos inspired me to startRead More →

I’m breaking this into more than one post. You can find the second part here [Kayaking Alone Part 2]! Please bear with me as I cover a lot of my personal experiences and advice from my own solo kayaking trips. Please also check out the recommended product I use onRead More →

This is the second part of a two part article covering my experiences when kayaking alone and advice if you decide to do so. You can find the first part here [Kayaking Alone Part 1]! Also please don’t forget to check out the recommended product at the end of thisRead More →

  Took a quick hike with brax testing out my new gear 360 camera. We visited this Abandoned old mine on shoal creek near Joplin,MO. It goes back maybe 30 yards. Looks like they started looking for something and then gave up. This is just below nature’s crack. Don’t forgetRead More →

First Thoughts I had been on the lookout for an underquilt to add to my camping gear for awhile.  Winter hammock camping can be pretty harsh on the body if you don’t have the right gear for warmth and comfort.  I was very skeptical about this product. The Amazon link wasRead More →

No, I’m not talking about an 80’s rock band or some college frat boys pulling an all nighter. I’m talking about the large oversized salamanders that once could be found in the clear waters of the Ozarks, otherwise known as the Ozark Hellbenders. I honestly didn’t know much about them untilRead More →

This is a review of the Grayl water filtration system. I’m going to attempt to cover the pros and cons of this water filter.   The Grayl is not your typical water filtrating system. Most systems require the user to suck through a straw, use a pump, or let gravityRead More →

This is a subject that I have many mixed feelings on. Bear with me as I go through these feelings, and then try to shed some logic on the subject. I’ll try to find that middle ground for everyone.  For some of you that might not know what I amRead More →